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Splattershmup: Privacy Policy

As an application produced and maintained by MAGIC Spell Studios, Splattershmup first and foremost complies with all provisions set forth in the more general policy provided by the Rochester Institute of Technology at In addition, the Splattershmup application adheres to a strict ruleset and ethic in its own design and implementation, as described in the following section(s).

1. Personal Information

Splattershmup does not examine or store any personal information (as defined in the previous link) of its users: it requires no login or account to use, and does not contain the capability to collect information from its players for any purpose, commercial or otherwise. It does not utilize advertising IDs or personalized information on its own, and does not provide any to third-parties.

2. Creation of Personal Content

A big part of the Splattershmup experience is creating your own artwork, which is unique to you. The Splattershmup application does not tag or save this artwork by default – users are given the opportunity to, at their discretion, either (a) save their picture locally to disk, (b) upload their images anonymously to IMGUR ( without a login, or (c) share their picture on their own Facebook wall ( While the images created by players are of necessity individually unique (as they are an output of their actions in the game), they are not coded or identified in any way as to which user created it. Each case of player-sharing of created content is described below:

2.1 Saving Local Content

Splattershmup allows users to save the images they create to their own computer, with a default location of the ‘pictures library’ of the account that is currently logged in. This is the standard behavior for Windows when asking to save an image, and the player is presented with the standard dialogs, and can cancel at any time or choose not to save their image. Playing on other platforms or browsers will utilize a default location that is typical for that platform. Players may select other folders or drives to save their work at their discretion.

2.2 Uploading anonymous content to IMGUR

Splattershmup allows users to upload the images they create to Imgur in an anonymous (non-credentialed) fashion, and are then provided with a URL to their artwork. Such URL’s are anonymous and do not contain any personalized information, and are randomly generated.

2.3 Sharing Splattershmup images on Facebook

Splattershmup allows users to share their images on their own Facebook wall, and to self-author hashtags or descriptions to accompany their image. The application requires users to provide their own Facebook credentials and uses these to ‘pass through’ to login to the Facebook service: Splattershmup does not store user credentials or passwords, and they do not persist beyond a single session of the game.

Players are not obligated to log in to Facebook to play, and the game is fully functional without using this feature – it is provided as a value add for those players who already utilize the Facebook service and elect to share their artwork with their friends. Splattershmup collects no analytics or information from the Facebook profiles of its users beyond non-personally-identified usage statistics (i.e. aggregate numbers of users posting images in a month, etc.). It is fully compliant with Facebook’s usage policies and application guidelines, and is registered with Facebook at

3. In-App Purchases and Advertising

Splattershmup contains no in-app purchases or advertising of any kind, and never will.

4. Contact Information

Questions or concerns on this or any other aspect of Splattershmup should be directed to MAGIC Spell Studios, LLC, and the RIT MAGIC Center. Contact information is provided at

Last Updated: 5/8/2015